About Comppad


Founder’s Comppad business was founded in 1998 by Thomas Lilly and a team of wall street computer engineers with 30 years experience. The team set out to create something awesome that inspires kids while at the same time addressing concerns of many parents about how to have their children interact with technology without losing thô value of hands on child guidance

COMPPAD INC. is a manufacturer of stationary notebooks. We are dedicated to producing high quality notebooks that are writing pads. Our products have additional features that also enrich the education of young people age three and up. Our company is unique in its focus on building young people’s computer skills, while reinforcing important areas of basic computer literacy. It’s singled- minded focus on quality is reflected in the extensive pre-market testing conducted in homes and schools and in a rich line of award-winning concepts.

Entertainment and ease of use are premier qualities of COMPPAD INC. stationary notebook. Intriguing characters, challenging situations, and rich game environments are the ingredients for captivating games that young people can enjoy for hours. Multiple skill levels and easy- to-follow directions broaden the appeal of each program to a wide audience. With games from COMPPAD INC., you’ll experience no frustrations or complicated procedures and, your satisfaction is guaranteed.